About Us

The year is 1932, Koala Clothing Australia is created by Mr Charles Howard Longley, at the peak of the great depression. Charles strived to provide the community with jobs & with pyjama's that could be worn in comfort & at an affordable price. The business was passed down a generation to Mr Phillip Charles Longley who would operate the business & in 1995 would welcome the partnership of Mr John Georges.

Since than Charles has retired and John has directed the business into the the 21st century along with his wife Doreen. There is a common theme amongst the 3 owners of this business, all are from a manufacturing backgroud & have a trained eye for quality, detail & workmanship.

Our motto at Koala Clothing is simple ..... "To provide a quality garment that will look good, feel great & last even longer for the traditional bloke."

We are proud to say that we are making clothes for the traditional bloke in today's world. The traditional bloke has no age barrier, isn't concerned about the noise around them & is in tune with their own taste, their own fashion sense.

Managing Director John Georges "The clothes we produce come under alot of scrutiny from us before we send them to retail stores. We look at firstly, quality. Is the garment made well & will it endure through the season?. Secondly, we look a design. Can the garment be worn in different settings, can it be dressed up or dressed down? And thirdly, can we make this at a price that we can all afford to purchase without affecting our daily lives?" these are the 3 most important questions we ask ourselves at Koala Clothing Australia every time we are in the process of creating new ranges.

"Maker's of fine quality clothing since 1932"