A family owned business since 1932, our motto at Koala Australia is one of simplicity & necessity ..... 

"To provide a quality garment that will look good, feel great & last long"

The marketplace is unfortunately bombarded with inferior products
that are cheaper to purchase but due to lack of quality,
does not provide any value as it does not last more than a few washes before shrinking,
discolouring or stitch failure can occur.

We strive to provide garments that are made using quality fabrics which we hand select,
designs that can be flexible in how its worn either dressed up or dressed down & made at a price that offers value.
A product that can be worn time & time again. A product that can become a staple piece of the closet.

Over the past 85 years of business, our values have remained the same. So it will be moving forward into the future also.